Organic Synthesis

Our synthesis work mainly focuses on the total synthesis of bioactive natural products such as the hypoxia selective toxins APD-CLD's Rakicidin A and BE-43547A1.

Our laboratories are newly renovated and features completely new fumehoods, all equipped with Schlenk lines, in-hood vacuum, nitrogen, argon, compressed air and a closed cooling-water system. We have our own preparative and analytical HPLC with acess to a LC-HRMS system in the department, and a flash column chromatography machine.

Ongoing projects

Cell Biology & Chemical Genetics

Our newly renovated laboratories for Cell Biology and Biochemistry features equipment for all purposes.

We study the mechanism of action of natural compounds through a wide variety of assays. Our current projects features new electro-philic motifs, which is studied through click-chemistry and in-gel fluorescence and pulldown experiment, and hypoxia-selective toxins.

High Content Screening

Zeiss CellDiscoverer 7 is a fully automated fluorescence microscope designed for high content screening.
This piece of equipment allows our group to perform phenotypic screening assays such as Cell Painting. Furthermore, oxygen and CO2 modules enables incubation for live-cell imaging. Full control of oxygen levels also allows hypoxic conditions while imaging.